Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Badly in need of title ideas

This will hopefully be the last of the sudden series of short pointless postings that has attained new levels of lousiness.
Someone started using the word ‘metaphor’ as a metaphor for everything that could have been described as anything under the sun except as a metaphor. Others saw it, and decided it was a clever idea and lifted it, more people saw that and repeated it, and this went on. Now everything is a metaphor - life, love, people, sex, paint brushes, politicians, telephones, recession, monsoon, typhoid, shit, movies blah, blah and more blah.
Every second blog including mine has a ‘metaphor’ used somewhere in some context which the writer thinks is spectacularly different and tremendous significant. Sometime back it was ‘paradigm’ before that ‘irony‘, ‘insecurity‘, ‘rocking’ and once upon a time ‘cool’ (there‘s more but I don’t remember).
Yet another example of how a word can be used, over and over and over by so many people in so many varied suitable and unsuitable contexts that now when I hear the word 'metaphor' it reminds me of a yellowish-brown, crumpled and re-smoothened, almost fossilised, slightly soggy toilet paper.

Above picture: Collage attempt with bits of an old atlas. Douglas Adams' quotes.

My current state of existence is too good to be true !!!
and I am painfully aware of its brevity.