Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bones ‘un -marrowed’

I prefer to use my ‘silly, fluffy, womanish’ brains to indulge in all the softy, stupid activities which would be of no interest to anyone but which gives so much exquisite joy to my existence.
I have force-fed my brain with some very bare basic facts about the happening around the world - just enough that would enable me to keep up an average conversation with my fellow human beings without getting dragged off into an asylum. Well otherwise my life is the personification of how a human life can survive each day by doing the most ordinary, mindless, harmless and uncomplicated things like spider -watching, blowing saliva bubbles, making circular tea-stains on the news paper, sipping a cup of coffee while watching ants climb up a tree trunk, making paper boats, hanging upside down, tickling a cat, slowly eating a slice of pineapple, face painting, re-reading a lovely piece of poetry. Well I'm atleast earning a decent living without burdening any other human being.

I write about the least important thing always. There was some point in this blog post but I’ve forgotten what it was.

~ Peace~


neeraj_only said...

so you added more harmless things possible except "eating-air" :D

but eating-air "remains-special".

I loved the "blowing-sliva-bubble" , but for me this will be second only to "eating-air".

i think in india we still have so many people , so interested about politics, so some of us can look at simple things .

good to see you back with some "close-to-life" blog entry. cheers....waiting for your future blog entries.

Zlaek said...

All of them are the same: and 'unsettlingly resemble each other.' Yes. Arnab Goswamy and tthe likes, I think, will lose their voice today or tomorrow, and die very soon too... I mean, they're constantly breaking their heads over the useless bunch of 'plastic-like mortals'.

Your indifference is justified.

If you like the word BA-NA-NAAA... Then please listen to a song that goes-- Day O, I say Day O
"What a beautiful bunch of ripe bananas..."
"come Mr. Tallyman, tally me bananaas..."
It's beautiful. I love it!

Your mindless, harmless and uncomplicated activities appear to me very profound :-|

Oh, and I dont have to vote :D

PS: There's nothing self-contradictory about the post... There's a constant mood maintained and any minor crap doesn't count when the actual picture is clear :-)

PPS: I like your title.

Quicksilver said...

hhahaha gracious me! im so relieved that i'm not the only one who's knowledge of politics is akin to that of a mountain's goat's knowledge of seafood. At least u have exercised your franchise. I, in as many years of my legally adult existence havent bothered about voting...(in fact i keep away from the television during election time. This post is funny as hell!!!

dinkan said...

true about the resemblance of politicians, political talks & tv anchors....but u earn a decent living without burdening another human being? am not sure abt that..the same thing happens with these politicians they dont know they are burdening others hehe...anyway nice post

mikimbizi said...

Thank you people !! Esp Zlaek and Quicksilver for their crisp, lovely comments !
And Dinkan ...the point of that post was something different but it seem to have gotten lost in the mists of obscurity. Anyways thanks for pointing out to me the fact that I might be harming another human being :) hhehehe..... I'm on a hunt to find out who exactly is getting hurt by my insipid, harmless existance. And thanks for making me realize another thing that is most people are utterly devoid of a sense of humour and dont see the world in that rip roaring perspective at all. The completely apparent is totally lost here and the most insignificant craps get noticed. Thats the problem with this stupid world anyways and no one seem to notice it. Everyone is so fucking worried about the silliest trivialities ! anyways thanks everyone once again !!

dinkan said...

tmrw i may vote for banana or maybe apple if its there on the ballot hehe...thanx for visiting my come back

Zaheer Gafoor said...

Like you said casting vote is our fundamental right and its important we dont let our vote go is castin our vote to a good candidate. but unfortunately good candidates are not given tickets to contest e elections. and we are left with e option to choose from the worst candidates.and hey nice post

Tranquil said...

laughed a lot...