Friday, June 4, 2010

A Billion Beginnings

I must begin again,
over and over
from the scratch-
the long, red one-
on the left shoulder.
No, not there, here,
behind the ear-
see the scar? Open it!
Dismantle a few bricks-
you can place your finger in.
Feel it. A hard, papery wall.
Dig, claw, and clear the web,
bring a sweep, storm it clean.
The swinging doors never close-
but sway in the midnight breeze,
Come on, go on, go in.

Trace the elusive echo-
the tear on the fabric of present.
Past is the viscous oil, lazily floating,
at the bottom of an oval jar.
Upturn, shake, squeeze-
let it trickle, seep in through the tear-
become a tear and dribble down-
fill the limpid frame
with the tired resonance of long ago.

On a night
a hundred moons ago,
arced necks assembled
and watched the drama unfold-
of death, silence and blood.
Played out on the tarred dust.
Muted video, as though of-
a grainy sequence shot
with a clandestine camera-
it filled the amazed eye.
Blood black on the monochrome body,
broken, bend and lifeless.
A mass of destroyed ego.

It splayed out, sucking in all shades
inhaled breath, motion and emotion-
a slow shutter, a prolonged exposure,
a moment stilled, petrified
captured and stored
wrapped up in the shroud of past.

How memories can be conjured up!
When near-asleep, or sipping tea,
chewing a crumbling cake,
perhaps the sight of the empty cup
or of a spittle-speckled street.

Indelible streaks, looping footage-
playing over and over again,
emitting numerous beginning,
identical starts, like the morning anthem-
singing in all radios,
across the sub-continent.
On sooty walls, tea shops, shelves.
A systematic chorus of genesis.

I dread these snakes,
reptiles of still-born time,
fate and haunting irreversibilities-
biting their own tails and spinning out
unending beginnings, impossible endings-
the hours go on and on and on.

- Jeena Mary Chacko


moonlite:D said...

ooh!! cool!!

all the best :))

Sunil Aggarwal said...

Dear Mikimbizee
when i started writing in the comment box, the hands actually stopped, fingers were shivering a bit, a silent incapacity descended and i realized how difficult it is for me to respond to the poet only through a post. You are weaving agony in a language which is not dependent on any cultural cliches. these days i am at IIAS, Shimla and last evening, i was listening to Meena Alexander, a poet from CUNY. She was trying to look Indian through her poems. They were good but the indianness was not as natural or evolved as it should have been. Today, when i read your poem, i could feel the natural urge. Please don't write anything after you close your poem. The context does not make any sense.

Vikas Chandra said...

i donno why i ended up laughing at the end of the poem..probably th e laugh was worth the wait u gave us for this post.

at times i paused to understand wat u really meant to say here. anyways i dont care whether i understood them correctly or not..

right more.
-your biggest fan

de silent spectator said...


So happy that you made an attempt for rejuvenation. But not a desperate one as you said. You are always a success with your words, thoughts and attitude. Cheers for this good friend.

Scribble out more..We are waiting

mikimbizi said...

@Moonlight: Thanks a lot.... reallly!!

@Sunil: It was my agonizing desire to be called a poet by someone… because being a poet is like descending/elevating to a sublime, magical level, the level where the white rabbit took Alice. I am forever tailing that elusive rabbit to reach that wonderland.

@VC: Bah! I knew you'd laugh. Well my days of reclusiveness has paid off. My next mad story will blow your head off.

@Shahid: Thanks.... I am scribbling and doodling and dreaming :) its like I too a big gulp from the fountain of life :D

@Dev: Thanks for dropping in. Do stay, read and give ur opinion.

Zlaek said...

These high levels of involvement you have with the universe draws me closer and closer to you... involuntarily. Makes me question my futile involvement with the world of late, which was meant to be a way out of it in the first place.

Understand the words "universe" and "world" intuitively here.