Monday, June 14, 2010


Squares are gratifying,
neat, structured equilibrium.
A flattened finality,
reproduced in modern dwellings,
in handkerchiefs, in leaflets.
In the television that encloses-
unbounded experiences,
for the mind yearning to forget.

Circles, I see in daily living,
cornerless perpetuity,
the simplest symbol of
cosmic inescapability-
of seasons, menstruation cycles
birth, death and re-birth.

Rectangles, personification of
geometric elegance.
Houses, buses,
The urban garden of conclusiveness,
a four lined copybook of
carefully emulated alphabets.

But triangles loath I, fear too
their vacant supercilious shapes.
Odd numbered, indivisible
sometimes fraught with fractions-
triangles made me share him with her-
Me, him, her
Me, mine, him,
Him, me, her
Angle A, Angle B, Angle C
Acute, obtuse, isosceles,
slithering, shape shifting, sometimes-
a rigid unforgiving right angle,
at times equilateral which is worse,
as I get what she gets-
nothing more, nothing less,
then the possessive scalene that
fluctuates hope and despair!
Caught in the unchangeable rules
of triangle inequality, a tragic game,
So far apart, what painful perfection!
And one day it will break
the fixed lines, oh, it can’t go on indeed!
this seamless connection of agony-
he will go, she will go
Angle A and Angle B
and only C will remain,
no longer the part of-
a perfect line of you and me
but just another lonely point,
a dot, period.

Inspired after reading a Maths textbook.


M. said...

Eh Gawd, Woman! You write so beautifully that every line evokes a thousand and one emotions in me.

ok wee bit exxagerating, but can you believe that? ME? I mean I know I'm supposed to be the quant and maths guy, but this one... i wont say its the best because that'd be so 'absolute'. best is not an adequate superlative anyway, when i read your writings. so ill coin up my own words. this one's fantabulous in any which way i look at it. ill always remember this one, i know it.

*looks deep into the horizon, sighs, nods and settles down deciding to be continuously overwhelmed at yer majesty*


Vikas Chandra said...

i loved the triangles one..

such a beauty of so simple meaningful...

i too hate triangles..

moonlite:D said...

ooh!! too much !! so many thoughts are filled in!

one word : awsome :)

unrelentingdreamer said...

beauty is what I can say... ur a lovely writer...

Bishwanath Ghosh said...

Squares are bland
rectangles are boring
Circles predictable.
Only triangles come
in many shapes --
the contours of life.

Sunil Aggarwal said...

Really interesting. You saw square, you watched circle, you observed rectangle but you hated triangle; hated it so much that you entered it; hit against its walls; almost destroyed it. This is such a good poem that i would like to call it dangerous. In an age of polyamory as the only-left sane alternative, this is definitely a very dangerous poem; dangerous in a personal sense; a strong invitation to intimate violence. Mikimbizee, how could you be so honest, brilliant and sparklingly pure?

Zlaek said...

Triangles bring discomfort. After reading this piece... It's highly possible I'm imagining it... but tri-angle seems to have a ruling influence on my life.

Beautiful peace. You give me a sense of belonging more than anybody else.