Sunday, June 13, 2010


The hero, the heroine,
the man, the woman and
the apple, the quintessential plot.
And an off-stage guttural voice-
over a faulty microphone.
Throw in a snake for a dramatic effect
for a heart-wrenching twist.
A common one will do,
we’ll make the off-stage voice
mime the hiss and the dialogue.
the villain and the nemesis.

Some good props,
a large fictional tree
Some extras with wings,
with verses to sing.
Go check the slums, the prisons,
all baby-faces can join-
an hour’s pay and a can of beer.

A gentle persuasion,
a bite, more bites
Cover ups, blame games,
faulty lines, expletives.
Curtain falls, lights dim.

The play without script,
no rehearsal, no stage,
Nobody invited, no audience to clap,
The first tragedy enacted
And the ones who ask “why?” were damned.