Monday, August 11, 2014

Stalking a Poet

(For Aimee Herman)

Stealthily I get inside her skull-
a tedious process, she leaves no maps
legends disintegrate upon touch
I track her scent-
In the raw free verses she sheds-
scrapping samples
bagging tagging - her verbs and iambs;
cells arranged assonance-wise-
I test, taste, navigate-
her dark alleys, dead-ends.

Through unclimbable fences, I peer,
piecing together jigsawed sights
thirsting for one glimpse of the whole
(not the tail, not the trunk
the whole darn elephant!)

Scars on her shoulder blades, flight dissolved-
breathes swollen with fireflies
she breaks open her body-
bi-polar ends of her axis
cloning herself over and over-
a composition of mountains
a haemorrhaging story.

I wept over her autopsied corpses,
labyrinths losing into each other.
studied her dissociations,
heavier than secrets and dying stars;
bedless lakes,
I swum in her until my eyes wrinkled
the language of her shut doors and open wounds,
the enjambment of her silence
each a thorn, a tear - untrammelled.

                                - Jeena Mary Chacko \ Mikimbizii

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