Tuesday, August 27, 2013


The body is a dialogue
a commodity, a story, a narrative
It is a myth, a house of mirth
a canvas of scars, a garbage bag-
tightly holding all the worms within
An assumption, a condition
Angers pushed under its scales
measured in scales. 
At times the body craves to be 
anything but a mechanic
a cosmos
in chaos
in comatose

Photo: A still from Wim Wenders’ amazing, award winning documentary: PINA   Source: http://museumviews.com/2011/12/wim-wenders-pina-wins-best-documentary-european-film-awards/

Sunday, August 4, 2013

If You Are Writing One

Don’t corrupt your poem with
messages and morals-
or social commitment;
let it blabber like a forest brook,
sweetly incoherent like the-
wild warbling menagerie
the end in itself, alluring meaninglessness
an exquisite deception-a tingle in the spin-
each brush strokes designed for an involuntary gasp
your eye turning transpicuous
the subtlety unfolding-
a diaphanous reality.

a sea in a drop, the earth in a grain
an eternity in a second
a sonnet in a word.

let it create its own language
voice its protest
declare its freedom
move mountains-
by transforming you
a finer, kinder quietness
pleasurable detachment
infinite euphoria
for art just is.

Picture: Screen shot from Chabrol's Alice or the Last Escapade ( spectacular movie)