Sunday, May 5, 2013

In Print

I am back, I am well, the illness has left its memories on me, in the occasional heaviness of my head, the shooting pains in my stomach yet, I am happy.  Two of my poet friends suggested my poems to the editor of a leading literary magazine, Bhashaposhini and newspaper, Malayala Manorama. And thus l have, finally in print, two small poems and one more coming out in The Rapid Eye by the end of May. Writing is a lone journey, its a swinging on an emotional pendulum, from soaring joyful deliriums and dangerous vortexes of dejection. And this is a small drop of pure euphoria. Does a true poet needs validation from a group of anonymous readers? Not really; the act of writing in itself is an act of pleasure. Exploring and experimenting with words and the aesthetic satisfaction. But events like this (a sudden call informing you that someone would like to publish my poem) tells me that there is some practical purpose to this seemingly meaningless, profitless but oh so delightful obsession.