Monday, January 6, 2014

My Hunger Lies Between Your Words

Yet you elude me-

I give my words legs and watch 
them walk away, giving birth on sidewalks
and eat up all creaks and chaos 

Old crones and crows walk under my eyes at night,
leaving footprints-
they turn to voices in the rays
drifting away, pieces running off-
Into places inside me that I didn’t know existed
piercing them;
and then infused in you,
I write my story, the unremembered epilogue.
You shall read me like a river
(Yes, like a river - with a zoologist’s precision
examining its halolimnic ramblings)

While your words,
a pebbly brook of pauses and punctuations,
I waddle through feeling-
the tingling incoherency of its hydric warbles;
my ankles squeal.

Every time you exhaled, a tendril within me unfurled-
I pause, I pen, I poem.
- Jeena Mary Chacko (2013)

Picture: Me at Kotagiri, 6 years ago.

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