Monday, August 11, 2014

My Bit for You

Start the day with finding patterns on the morning light filtering through the curtain, the top of buildings catching the first rays. Greet a plant, a bird. Meditate 10 minutes with a dictionary. Drink your morning beverage from a beautiful glass, cup or mug. Savour each sip. 

Write something each day. Even a beautiful word will do – like ‘inflorescence’ or ‘diapause’. Don't just look - observe, internalize, infuse yourself in everything - stir of smells from your quick meals, bird cries, wind wails, proses, stars, crunch of apples, cracks on the sidewalk, rust on the bus window, graffiti, a happy sleeping dog, a fascinating nail paint. Eat interestingly. Touch something new each day, feel the raw textures, silkiness, coldness, crenellations and softness. Don't waste time talking, think instead.

Be intrinsically yourself; develop an informed sensitivity and tolerance. Be kinder than necessary, detached but aware. Disconnected but not indifferent – plunge into the heart of things that matter but stay away from the trite, the shallow and the inane. Don’t develop a hasty opinion or take sides without fully understanding the problem and exploring every aspect of it with an open mind. Learn history, study it like a subject – it is not a tiresome waste of time, it helps you have a better understanding of the world, and will stop you from making rash judgments. Acknowledge niceness – in a country so torn by corruption, violence and general nastiness – every tiny gesture of goodwill should be cherished. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Browse meaningfully; internet is the biggest archive of knowledge, make use of it. Learn something, research intensively, be obsessed, be curious, be in love.

Take leisure seriously, even the tiniest break should be planned, every element in perfect harmony - make enjoyment an intense experience. Minimize life, hack away at the inessential – distil your being to its quintessence, a trembling drop of dew – you are what you are becoming. Read more, collect and curate beauty. Be worried that life is short.

Be wary of people who say they are bored or don't know how use their precious time. They are the ones who will mock you and will trivialize your passions and interests. Never even for a moment feel that you need to do something to pass the time. There is nothing that is "just a time-pass". Time is not a useless hassle that you want to somehow get through. Enrich, nourish and cherish your surroundings - grow plants, recycle, find beauty in the uncommon, in both simplicity and complexity, imagine, love your body and strive to keep it healthy. Fall asleep reading or listening to music, or simply watching the stars while your body drenches in the moonlight. Dream.

Jeena Mary Chacko \ Mikimbizii

Image: Still from Into the Wild.

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It is the best article I have ever read. Thank you. :)