Sunday, November 2, 2014

For You. My Adored Fragments.

All at once the hazes, shadows and silhouettes became tangible bodies. An abstraction of conversations, brief flickers and surreal telepathy turned into real voices, nuances, corporeal inflections, juxtapositions. 

We became palpable. A diffusion of clouds brought together - condensed to a rain, a storm – a downpour of emotions. 

We became the ephemeral limbs and blooms of an ancient rhizome. Sprout from the same essence, wrought from the same gem, molecules of the same ether and verses of the same requiem.

My unfurls and my concaves were loved, in turn I too fell in love with a certain giggle, a jiggle, a certain glisten of a lash, an endearing smell of a delectable book, a dazzling shyness, an imperceptible act of kindness.
Life returned and raptured.

But it was over too soon. We all parted like dismantled delicate parts of a clockwork bird being packed away, wheel by wheel, feather by feather.
Soon only the memory will exist, in its own timelessness - sun, shades and shimmers. And I shall find despairing resonances and reflections in the afterwords, afterthoughts and aftertastes.

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Dr. Hyde said...

The finest deja vu, took me back the white rabbit night of yore; your words are a sojourn always...