Monday, January 13, 2014

To Margaret Atwood

Dear Poet _
I read you to subdue the cyclones sucking my bones;
I want your rivers to corrode me
your verses becoming glistening flotilla-
in my tongue; sprouting virulous clouds.

Dear Poet_
I need your poem like an intravenous drip
soaking up your elegies-
my skin exhaled warbling thunders.

Dear Poet_
I drown in your poems while-
my organs weep conifers and ferns;
in the hypnosis of your embrace-
I become porous,
I become the brightness between trees.

Dear Poet_
I gather the sunsets falling in your eyes-
disassemble your pauses-
you make me cry in free verse.

Dear Poet _
Shall I-
navigating through your body
drive a creaking van over-
the winding alleyways of your veins.

Dear Poet _
In trying to figure you out-
I become-
a floss, a filter, an algae trapper;
sieving the secrets in your wild hair
I carry an ectoplasm reader to find-
the ghosts of your finger tips.

Dear Poet _
I need to delve deep in your story
tell me, from the start-
the first mitosis, the first fin,
the first tentacle, the first flight.

                 - Jeena Mary Chacko (2014)