Monday, May 19, 2014

Today I

Today I-
pure plant-sap;
coursing through wilderness-
sun-shade, rustle-repose.

shard of a faded lakescape
broken mirror-slivers,
shivering reflections-
in my mouth;
tang of sinister rotting-
glassy, exacting and discomfiting.

                       - Jeena Mary Chacko (2014)

Image: Still from Innocence.


From the delirious contours-
of your larynx, pours-
a pebbly brook of enunciations.
an unruffled, put-together thought-
you- became both ‘night’ & ‘gale’
each tremulous lilt-
the fever & fervour in your ‘fret’,
a path within me gives-
an aching twist.

under your gutturals linger-
a wilderness of timbre-
fermented in honeyed thunders-
(Oh! Your “Oh”s!)
Each cadence resonates-
an ululating verse in my spine.

a dappled quiver, your-
gently bristled Adam’s apple
vocal-folds luxuriate-
ripples from sheer mauve to cerise,
its impassioned whispers igniting-
my sobbing axons,
toes curl & squeal.

I come apart, my lungs unthaw -
into a flock of quetzals;
pour forth – ecstasy
– immortal bird
I wake. I swoon.
- Jeena Mary Chacko (2014)
{On listening to Benedict Cumberbatch reciting ‘Ode to a Nightingale’}

Intransigent Lines

Moon is an adorable creamy smudge; a gentle rain, faded stars dissolve and reform behind the shifting, soughing clouds. A single dancing candle in a re-purposed jam jar, a delightful languor. Suddenly all the tiredness and triteness of the weekdays seemed remote. Quietness regained.

Image: From Sylvia's collected poems -old precious copy, slowly dog-earoding.