Sunday, April 5, 2015

My Advice to Aspiring Writers

My advice to aspiring writers - stay unemployed as long as possible. Sponge off, starve, depend on the goodwill of friends, forage among the trash cans, freelance once a month and mooch around hospital canteens, sneak into university cafeterias for half-price anything! But until you have completed that one cosmically mind-blowing book, story, poem or even a single transcendentally beautiful line don't even think about a "career". Don't fall into the trap of taking a lucrative job when you can spend another 3-4 years in college. Never, ever get sucked down the corporate drain. You become a soulless, shallow, unbelievably fake, uncaring 'resource'. Always a little under-payed, a little overworked, perpetually tired and a lingering dissatisfaction which they convince you can be solved by spending more and more money on parties, spa sessions to 'unwind', expensive team outings and over-priced yoga and meditation classes. The funny thing is you don't even want to commit that wonderfully planned suicide because of all the fake promises offered to you - bonuses, promotions, quarterly assessments, that vague, shiny undefinable but supposedly tempting something that they dangle in front of you - always a fraction beyond your reach.

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Sam Sharma said...

While joining a corporate is inevitable after my engineering degree in Computer Science, I found this article to be quite interesting. Sad that I cannot take your advice considering the amount spent on my education by my parents. But, I can always consider this as an inspiration and hold this up to the faces of such people who try convincing me in vain that an over-priced spa/team-outing is the solution to the hollowness inside. Thanks for writing this. :)