Saturday, July 25, 2015


Interspersed among lung-pauses
indecipherable things an organ would say-
to another.
the language of the toes
talking to the grassy paths
alphabets of bodies’ hidden codes
that had forgotten what they are meant for.
the secret eternities between surface and surface,
an umbilical cord of discord.

Image: Double Exposure Portraits by Aneta Ivanova

Laundry Day

There is something so apologetic about
drying clothes.
trembling shucks dripping transparent blood-
turned inside-out,
all secret tucks and patch-ups bared-
stench of a day's routine evaporating;
sun-hued ghosts
-stitches silhouetted.
This, domesticity’s visceral scan.

Wind releases alkaline specters-
sharp bursts of briny mist.
Inbreathe stings in-
the satisfying gut-tug of a detergent sneeze.

                                        - Jeena Mary Chacko

Image: Carlos Pérez Siquier