Friday, August 19, 2016

Saying Goodbye To A Life That We Knew Well

Our lives packed away in boxes. The house is unusually silent suddenly. And large - yes. 

With new spaces and corners - wait, what did we have here? how come we never noticed this bend before? That light falling over the floor, wavering, an almost-pattern before tear blurs everything. 

A dying of footsteps and distant laughter.

Do these walls know? A lonely shell full of memories of the creature that lived within it. A sudden echo that was previously muffled by a hundred little noises. 

A grief for those moments in time and space where these adored things existed - now fading memories.
The shape on the ceiling where water seeped in, it looks like a serene sheep. We never noticed it before. 

Smells remain, I suppose. Clinging to the underside of things - slowly evaporating. And the vague traces we leave behind in accidental handprints, a little scribble over the bed-side wall - remembering a dream, a forgotten sticky-note, a shoe-lace, a stray hair, an empty bottle of nail paint. 

A rush of so many things planned but never fulfilled, an
unbearably sweet sorrow. We are leaving our beautiful home by the forest.
                       - June 2016

Images: Snippets of our 4 years of living in a small, darling, derelict apartment near a reserve forest in JP Nagar, Bangalore. We moved out in June 2016 to another wilderness in Yelahanka. That will be a story for another time.  

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Rainy Goodwill said...

Now... How can i leave my tuition class where i lived for 16 years from dawn to dusk? :(